Customer Reviews

“We love the patterns in Neil's cutting boards. His pieces are works of art that we can use every day. For this reason, Neil's products are our go-to gifts for friends and work colleagues and we frequently order by email or through the website.”

Anna Marie Pyle
New Haven, CT

“I love to cook, so I love good kitchen tools. I have a beautiful cutting board from Stetson Wood Collection that I use almost daily, even if it's to slice lemons for iced tea or vegetables for a salad. I also have the salad tongs, which are great for flipping bacon as well- or turning things in my cookware that metal utensils may scratch. The tongs do more than toss and serve salad in my house. I've also purchased a couple of wooden spoons for cooking and serving in those same pans. The spoons are in constant use.

When our niece married, we gave her a cutting board for a wedding gift. She loved it so much we decided that is our go-to wedding gift. We gave one to the younger sister of our daughter in law, and when she saw it she let it be known that's what she wants for Christmas. The boards have a groove for draining juices and are perfect for slicing meat. We will be putting in orders for Christmas gifts for the adult children in the family who love cooking.”

Stacy DeBardeleben

"Beautiful work! Each piece is a hand-crafted work of art. Excellent pieces to give as gifts.”

Amy Looman